Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Christmas 2011....

So you would have thought me being a new mom with a new baby on his first Christmas I wouldn't have enough room on my camera for all the pictures I took! thought wrong....we took one picture of him Christmas morning opening one gift. That doesn't make me a horribl mother right? Well it almost does, at least we have one?? Anyway it was a great Christmas and the best thing about it is that Henry won't remember me not taking pictures! ha. No but it was a great holiday with great family. We did take a few pictures of Henry in front of our fireplace for our families. Since we have no money and can't afford for anyone to take our family pictures we fiigured Spencer would do a great job photographing Henry and wow did he do a great job! Pictures to come.....
I hope everyone had a blessed Christmas and remembered the most important part, Our Savior. What did you and your family do this year to remember the birth of Christ?

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  1. You didn't take pictures because you were enjoying your babies first Christmas instead of focusing on documenting it, so actually I think it makes you a great mom!