Monday, September 19, 2011

sunny california

So I finished my last day of work and Spencer finished his last day of school (not forever :( just for the semester) and we were packed up and headed to California. This was my second time to the beautiful state of California, the first being with our bff's the Perdue's to their hometown which let me tell you was one of the best times i have ever had and am counting down the days until we reunite with them there! We were off to visit Spencer's aunt, uncle and cousin. They live in Hermosa Beach which is just a little south of LA. We had a BLAST! We went to the beach everyday which was heaven, i love the beach and could go there everyday..hmm...maybe that will be the next place we live? But anyway it was so much fun. Who said being 35 weeks pregnant wasn't fun? yes, i was huge on that vacation. Believe it or not I did take pictures.....well spencer did. I am horrible at taking pictures, but that too I will be improving on. So enjoy..

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