Monday, September 19, 2011

good bye beautiful mountains and friends....hello st. louis

After much thought Spencer and I decided that moving back home would be most beneficial to our little family. He would be able to work for his dad, go to school, and we would be able to live with my mom while all of this was going on so we could save money and i could stay at home with our baby who was arriving soon. At the time I was so excited to be back home and did not think twice about leaving the place we called home for a year. I now realize how much I miss so many things about Utah. Here is the list.....

first and foremost I MISS OUR FRIENDS, our apartment, the mountains, the temples, BYU basketball, how close everything is, burger supreme, mountain west burrito, cafe rio, summer days and nights, national parks, and believe it or not i miss work!

I know that we are suppose to be here right now but I do miss the west...maybe we will be back someday. So after much thinking I have decided that I love the west and love the all in all i have concluded that i would love anywhere i lived as long as my little family was there. We could be happy anywhere and everywhere!

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